Time Tracking and Management Software

TAFT>solutions are available as modules, so you only pay for the solutions that you need.

TAFT>time – Entry Level Package


TAFT>time, our web enabled time entry system allows your temporary work force to log their time; and your customers to submit approvals from their internet accessed computer or mobile device.  No additional hardware is required.    Track your temporary workforce’s time through the approval process from “not submitted” to “pending approval” to “approved”.  Generate reports summarizing your consultants approved time and create one-click printing of all approved time sheets…automating the payroll and invoicing processes.



TAFT>pay integrates your payroll and financial applications with TAFT>time to reduce data entry errors and ensure that your temporary workforce and recruiters are paid correctly.  TAFT>pay also produces the supporting documentation to attach to your electronic invoices reducing the time it takes to bill your customers while letting you focus on keeping your business moving forward.


TAFT>commission will calculate and track commissions for your sales, contract and direct hires and eliminate your tedious Excel spreadsheets. Let our developers create a customized commission screen so that you and your recruiters can see the commissions they’ve earned and take the guess work out of their paycheck.


TAFT>track is our solution for manual data entry doldrums.  When TAFT>track is integrated with your ATS (Applicant Tracking System), it streamlines your processes replacing redundant data entry with seamless workforce data changes between personnel and systems.


TAFT>ACA will manage the extra responsibilities required to maintain compliance with the ACA (Affordable Care Act) regulations for your  temporary employees.

Combined Services Package


TAFT>enterprise combines all TAFT> modules into one.  TAFT>enterprise integrates with all of your existing stand-alone systems – ATS (Applicant Tracking System), payroll and accounting – providing your Account Managers, Payroll Managers and YOU with timely, accurate and robust information you need to effectively manage your business. With TAFT>enterprise, you will save time, improve efficiency, and enhance reporting capabilities.

Don’t replace your unconnected systems, integrate them with TAFT>.

Customized Solutions

If your business requires additional assistance, the TAFT>solutions team is here to help.  We will work with your management and operations teams to customize a system that meets your specific needs.


TAFT>Solutions' Implementation Team will work to maximize your investment and ensure a successful transition to the custom tailored products for your business. 


During the implementation process, our team will integrate TAFT>solutions with your ATS (Applicant Tracking System), payroll third-party payroll and financial software programs, to maximize your efficiency, improve productivity and raise your bottom line.  Implementation is easy.  Depending upon your needs, you can be up and running in just a few weeks.  

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TAFT>solutions was developed to meet the specific needs of Staffing firms.   TAFT>solutions offers a full array of modular products, so you can customize a solution specifically for your company.

          No Extra Equipment to Purchase – employees and managers can access their time reports using already existing web connected computers and mobile devices.

          Payroll Uploads – streamline your payroll process

          Billing Attachments – documentation for easy invoicing

          Integrated Systems – for enhanced reporting and simplified maintenance

          Real Time Dashboards and Reporting – monitor time worked…timesheet approval status…and commission calculations

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